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About us

The team of Dr. Caroline FAYARD, specialist in orthodontics in Paris 17th, is pleased to welcome you to their new ultra-modern structure.

We are located near the Place des Ternes and the 8th arrondissement of Paris, between the Place Charles de Gaulle Etoile, the Champs-Elysees and Parc Monceau.

We individualize your orthodontic treatments at all ages: children, teenagers or adults.

We practice aesthetic and modern orthodontic techniques.

The whole team is at your service to bring you a wonderful smile as a part of good oral health.



You can easily make your first appointment online via Doctolib 24 hours a day. Click here.

If you prefer to call us, the phone number of secretariat is 01 47 64 52 01. For the follow-up appointments, please contact the secretariat directly.

The first consultation

The aim of a first consultation is to discuss about the expectations and desires of patient and his parents, if it’s a child. Most importantly, it will provide a first clinical diagnosis of dental malpositions and maxillofacial dysharmonies.

Dr. Caroline Fayard welcomes in her office patients who want to receive an orthodontic care for various reasons:

  • You did not receive orthodontic care in childhood
  • You have been treated but you are not satisfied with the result
  • Your dentist would like to speak to an orthodontist to improve your "mouth architecture" before considering prosthetic rehabilitation and to optimize your result
  • You want to improve your smile

We invite you for an individual study of your approach through a personalized listening. Dr. Fayard will try to propose you a treatment strategy adapted to your needs and adapted to your daily life.

The first clinical examination at the dental chair will be completed with additional examinations such as X-rays (we offer you the possibility to make them directly in our office) and photographs. A digital impression will eventually be made to obtain a custom dental model. These different documents will help us to build your dossier and to tweak the diagnosis.

The treatment schedule made by Dr. Fayard will be explained in detail in a second time so you can receive all the necessary information. The type of device, the quote and the length of your treatment will be lay out to help you to take an informed decision.

Orthodontiste Paris 17ème
Cabinet d'orthodontie du Dr FAYARD

Spécialiste en Orthodontie pour enfants et adultes à Paris 17

7 rue des Renaudes - 75017 PARIS

Tél. : 01 47 64 52 01

Les praticiens du cabinet.

Dr Caroline FAYARD

Dr Caroline FAYARD

Chirurgien-Dentiste Spécialiste Qualifié en Orthopédie-Dento-Faciale à Paris 17ème

Certificat d'Etudes Cliniques Spéciales Mention Orthodontie (CECSMO)
CES d'Orthopédie-Dento-Faciale

Inscription à l'Ordre n°52 707

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